This is an overview of the topics usually dealt with during the fall semester. In the log-in area schedule and required reading are available under schedule/readings and additional readings are available under resources (only available for students enrolled in the course).


  • Introduction to the European Union
  • Introduction to European environmental policy – history and policies; institutions and processes (decision-making)



  • Bioenergy – Solution for the energy crisis
  • Climate Change and Climate Protection Policy
  • Adaption to Climate Change
  • The European water policy
  • The European waste policy
  • Ecological industrial policy
  • Renewable energies
  • Resource Efficiency


Instruments, approaches & Governance

  • Environmental policy integration
  • Participation , access to information and access to justice
  • Behavioral approaches to environmental policy
  • NGO's lobbying
  • Common goods


The EU in the World

  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Recycling Environmentalism: The EU as part of a global community for sustainable development?
  • The EU and international environmental governance
  • UN Climate Change Conferences
  • Transatlantic relations and climate change / EU & US relations on environmental issues